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Welcome to DJournal.com! This website and the others operated by Journal, Inc., seek to build community and enhance the quality of life in Northeast Mississippi. Journal, Inc. is the owner of the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal newspaper along with eight weekly sites, the Mississippi Business Journal and West 10 media group in suburban Memphis.

For more than 140 years our company has followed the vision of our founder George McLean to promote economic development, education and a better region for all people.

Our mission is to help inform the public about life around them to assist in better decisions for the future of our region with the best local information. Each day we do that with our staff of reporters, photographers, editors, advertising consultants and other parts of our team. Our staffs have been recognized as the best in what they do in print and online in several contest, and our site regularly is viewed by the most people in Northeast Mississippi.

We also need and hope you will contribute to the coverage. Please comment, send us video or pictures and stay engaged. It’s not a one-way conversation here we hope to hear from you often to help us cover the community.

Thank you for joining us here at DJournal.com and we’re always eager to hear ways to improve the experience. For questions, comments, or advertising opportunities in our online products please contact us at Web.Info@journalinc.com