Chris Kieffer

Chris Kieffer

I am the Managing Editor for Multimedia and Enterprise. I previously served as the Daily Journal's education reporter. I'm a New Orleans native, husband, father and avid baseball fan.

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Bill Clinton ushered in an era of prosperity In regard to Bill Clinton’s presidency, let’s take a factual look: 1. 22 million new jobs. 2. Lowest unemployment in 30 years. 3. Lowest crime rate in 26 years. 4. Improved gun safety legislation (Brady bill). 5. Lowest welfare rolls in 25 years. 6. Highest income at […]

Any city faced with making its officials, boards and employees more accountable in the context of important issues like police department functions should expect difficult discussions. It’s the nature of the task. An advisory group – appointed by Mayor Jason Shelton and approved by the City Council – to examine the possible need for a […]

Writer’s note: Nothing in this column today will be new information, and it won’t apply personally to the vast majority of newspaper readers. But maybe it’ll be worth reading to a child or grandchild. Dear young one: You’re tempted to try drugs. Maybe the idea scares you, but you’re fitting in less and less when […]

  The Memo podcast was on location last week at the Imagine the Possibilities career expo. We talked about the event’s impact and the challenge of preparing students for future careers. Listen to the entire episode in iTunes, podcast apps or at Read more:

JB Clark and Russ Polsgrove joined Brad Locke on the Wednesday, Aug. 10 episode of The Memo podcast to talk about the Night of Storytelling series that resumes Friday. Participants can tell and listen to stories at the Link Centre’s Black Box theater, starting at 7:30 p.m. The theme is “White Hot Heat.” To hear […]

Do you want to continue seeing Daily Journal content in your Facebook newsfeed? A recent change from Facebook will impact the way it selects the posts you see in a way that could make it harder to get our content. In order to continue to see stories, videos and live streams from the Daily Journal, […]

Molly Lovorn of the Community Development Foundation discussed the revamped Tupelo Young Professionals group on Monday’s episode of “The Memo” podcast. She is making it less of a social gathering and more of a program for learning and developing professional and personal skills. Listen to the entire episode FREE in iTunes, podcast apps or […]

By EMILY TUBB and RAY VAN DUSEN Monroe Journal AMORY – Danny Spreitler, the former executive director of the Monroe County Gilmore Foundation, was found dead on Tuesday morning. Monroe County Coroner Alan Gurley said Spreitler, 55, of Amory was found at 9:30 a.m. by a co-worker at his business, 1529 Coffee Company, in downtown […]

Wire reports JACKSON — Maj. Gen. Augustus L. (Leon) Collins, the adjutant general of Mississippi, has announced his retirement from the Mississippi National Guard, effective August 31. Brig. Gen. Janson D. (Durr) Boyles will take over the position of adjutant general on September 1, 2016. The news was announced in a press release from Gov. […]

Here is the June 18, 2016 video from a home surveillance system on a Harrison Street house that was provided by Grenada attorney Carlos Moore, who is representing Antwun “Ronnie” Shumpert’s family. The video shows the initial traffic stop, Shumpert running from the car and an ambulance responding to a call. It does not show […]