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    By John Davis Oxford Citizen OXFORD – Rivalry games have a way of bringing out the best in teams, even when the two may not exactly be even. Lafayette came into the game winless in three games so far this season but stayed competitive in the first quarter with their cross-town rivals before Oxford ran […]

    By William Moore Daily Journal TUPELO – A pair of large-scale safe rooms planned for Tupelo parks will be able to shelter from the storm more than 1,100 people each. The massive, dome-shaped safe rooms are designed to withstand wind speeds up to 250 mph. The total cost for both structures will be more than […]

    Hello, my name is Stephen and I’m a Disorganized Mess” – at least that’s what the top of my desk says about me. Have you ever wished elves would magically slip into your house one night to organize your things while you slept? Or, maybe fantasized about television’s Mission-Organization crew doing a make-over for you? […]

    One of the most beautiful plants for Christmas is the amaryllis. The most common color is red or scarlet but they may be pink, white, salmon or combinations. These beautiful plants may be purchased as bulbs or as plants. The larger the bulb, the more profusely will be its blooms (more stalks, more blooms). If […]

    Some folks think winter can be boring in the garden and landscape. But just when temperatures start to drop, one of my favorite flowering plants decides to suddenly strut its stuff for all to see. Wherever cassia is planted in the landscape, the tropical-looking flowers are sure to create winter interest. The prolific winter blooms […]

    Mississippi’s Board of Education on Thursday announced an ambitious and transparent five-year strategic plan of achievement – and success – for Mississippi’s public school students. The plan, first reported by Daily Journal education writer Chris Kieffer in Thursday’s edition, was formally announced later Thursday morning in a press conference. The plan, the first one adopted […]

    My heart sat breaking on Tuesday as I watched the images from Pakistan. Children running, crying. Some covered in blood. Parents with frantic expressions on their faces, imagining the worst, praying for hope. Families discovering the terrible truth. I watched these images from the comfort of my living room in these United States. My child […]

    Gale Stauffer’s family expresses deep thanks We express our gratitude to Mayor Jason Shelton and the Tupelo community. Our lives as we knew it as a family changed forever on Dec. 23, 2013. A husband, a father, a son, a brother, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin and a friend was lost to us forever. […]

    By John Davis Oxford Citizen OXFORD – It was far from pretty, but at the end of the day, every win is beautiful. Ole Miss shook off a lethargic first half to earn a 71-68 win over Coastal Carolina on Thursday night. It was just the third win in six games at Tad Smith Coliseum […]

    By David Wheeler Special to the Journal BIGGERSVILLE – The month of December is great for getting in some quality classroom work for high school basketball teams. The veteran and undefeated Baldwyn Bearcats graded out on the positive side Thursday, handling the young Biggersville Lions 66-50. “A win is a win, but I felt we […]