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I'm a news reporter and columnist for the Daily Journal and the Oxford Citizen. Focusing on Oxford and Lafayette County, I've been a part of the L-O-U community since 1991.

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Stories Written by Errol Castens

It isn’t a favorite topic for most of us, but mortality has a way of injecting itself into our psyche no matter how hard we may squeeze our eyes shut, stick our fingers in our ears and loudly hum the theme from “Gilligan’s Island.” Every day, a few pages over from this one, you’ll find […]

The guys were down at Arthur’s, hoping that if we sat there long enough, it would rain. Mark stomped in. He’d just stopped to help an out-of-state visitor who’d had a blowout and a bruised fender after she’d run over a bumper that had apparently dropped off a vehicle in the middle of the highway. […]

If my growing up was agrarian – big garden, small farm, lots of fencing and haying and pasture mowing and cattle tending – my father’s youth was even more so. Except for coffee, sugar and flour, his family raised nearly everything they ate or fed to their animals. Every part of the home place was […]

Last weekend, while playing full-time Papa, I learned a lot of things from the grandkids. For instance: • Tomatoes are made out of ketchup. • Potato chips are made out of potatoes. And chips. • “Fall comes after summer” can be an accusation, not just a declaration. • Animal sounds are almost as funny as […]

A cache of Codgertations: • Pokemon Go seemed to be taking over the world, and I was sitting on my curmudgeonly porch wearing my curmudgeonly suspenders, drinking my curmudgeonly coffee and working up a curmudgeonly cud-chewing about how foolish today’s kids are to spend so much time, effort and money on something so useless. Then […]

A certain youngster, who in the interest of mercy will remain unnamed, had gone swimming twice already this week. He had played with the majority of a “Nana’s house” collection of toys that would have made me bug-eyed at his age. The boy had been patiently humored through forty-eleven-dozen games of restaurant, which allowed him […]

The 7-year-old grandboy, recently having acquired a butterfly net, was determined to catch a bumblebee. Hoping he might consider the ramifications before undertaking that particular plan, I asked what he would do with one if he caught it. “Put it on the tricycle,” he said, as though the trike’s value as an entomological showcase was […]

The big SUV pulls into a freshly baled hayfield in west Tupelo. Frank Anger and his crew – Neil, Rhonda and Charity – quickly unburden the trailer behind it of a few hundred pounds of bright fabric, a wicker basket and assorted hardware. After five minutes of hand labor, two fans quickly fill the balloon, […]

What a poorer world it would be if Earth were not tilted permanently at 23.5 degrees off of vertical (in relation to its orbit). If we lived between 65 and 75 degrees all year, we wouldn’t revel in fall’s first breath of cool air and the kaleidoscopic landscapes that follow. We wouldn’t thrill with the […]

Grandmama’s roots went deep into the sandy soil of south Alabama, and for many years after moving to Mississippi as a 19-year-old bride, she brought a little of home with her by subscribing to the Mobile newspaper. Coming in the mail, it would always be a day or two or three after publication when she, […]