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By Jeff Eubanks and Errol Castens Oxford Citizen/Daily Journal OXFORD – The 20th celebration of the Double Decker Arts Festival was far more than its founder had dared to dream of. “I’m not sure I thought 20 years – or even five years – down the road when we planned the first festival. We knew […]

By Errol Castens and Jeff Eubanks Daily Journal OXFORD – An Abbeville man who had been with the waste department for at least a decade was identified as the employee killed in a one-vehicle accident involving a garbage truck Thursday. Kalvin Caldwell, 38, died after the Lafayette County Solid Waste Department sanitation truck he was […]

The Coffee Clutchers had convened a special meeting (read “inquisition”) to vote on my continued membership. Somebody had gotten word that I’d recently bought a vehicle with an automatic transmission. I questioned silently why a group that welcomes some well-known sluggards would worry about this particular kind of shiftlessness. I pleaded my case: I had […]

Some people love bellyaching so much that, sitting in their car atop Pikes Peak, they would rather complain about a single bug-gut spattering on their windshield instead of marveling at the rest of the view. (Or, on a highway, would so focus on the insect entrails that they wouldn’t notice they’d crossed into the path […]

By Errol Castens Daily Journal OXFORD – People who helped secure state funding for a desperately needed road project noted the achievement Thursday afternoon. The occasion was a celebration of the partnership between the city of Oxford, Lafayette County, the University of Mississippi, the county’s legislative delegation and state officials in designating $3 million in […]

By Errol Castens Daily Journal OXFORD – The Avent Park tennis courts on which writer Barry Hannah often played will be named in his memory. Bookstore owner and former Mayor Richard Howorth asked the Board of Aldermen at last week’s meeting to grant that honor to his friend – a Meridian native who spent 28 […]

By Errol Castens Daily Journal Gov. Phil Bryant has signed a local-and-private bill that would allow the city of Oxford, if it so chooses, to do a design-and-build contract on a downtown parking garage. “Every study has shown it should go back here,” said Mayor Pat Patterson, indicating east of City Hall. While negotiations with […]

Imagine what it must have been like, that springtime 150 years ago. The trees were greening, as ever. Bees were buzzy among the blossoms, hens were hatching chicks, cows were nursing calves with their richest milk of the year, and dandelion greens were providing the first spring tonic for many Southerners. Warmth had replaced cold. […]

By Errol Castens Daily Journal OXFORD – Some 16 years after its ambitious Vision 2020 long-range planning process, the city of Oxford launched an update that focuses on the community’s bicentennial year. The Vision 2037 effort began Tuesday with the facilitator group – design and planning professionals from across the Southeast – meeting with the […]

If we call someone a “nigger,” “wetback,” “hymie,” “chink,” “raghead,” “kike,” “honkie,” “camel jockey,” or “redneck,” it relieves us of any further responsibility to that person. Our conscience frees us to despise, marginalize, criminalize, bastardize, neutralize and otherwise victimize anyone whom we can dehumanize. The Hutus reportedly labeled the Tutsis “cockroaches” for years before they […]