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Republicans regained control of the U.S. Senate last week, and the pivotal point could well have been the night of June 24 in Mississippi. That’s when Thad Cochran pulled off the unusual if not unprecedented feat in Mississippi of turning out more voters in a runoff than in the first primary to come from behind […]

This is being written before the outcomes of Saturday night’s two big football games involving Mississippi State and Ole Miss are known, but one thing is certain: Whatever happened, there will be at least some fans of both teams who will be unhappy with how the games are presented in today’s paper. In a season […]

You might not know it, but there’s an election on the horizon in Mississippi on Nov. 4. People in many other states are currently under the same kind of TV advertising bombardment Mississippians faced back in the spring and early summer, but it’s quiet here. A principal reason is that the national Democratic Party decided […]

Sometimes it can be discouraging to be a Mississippian. You look at all the statistics – poverty, teen pregnancy, educational achievement, general health of the population – and the problems can seem overwhelming. We are last or near-last in so much, and have been for so long. Those statistics are far from the whole story […]

Childhood memories are burned in my mind like no others. Maybe it’s because the database was just being built and wasn’t overloaded as it would later become, making the brain’s record of those times less of a fog. Recollections of childhood buddies and teachers are especially vivid and clear. That must have been why it […]

In the same week that the new must-have iPhone 6 was all the buzz, an article appeared in the Wall Street Journal about a quaint relic of the past: book clubs. Only these were not elderly ladies gathering over chicken salad to talk a little about a book they’d already read, mainly as an excuse […]

Much has been written about Jack Cristil this past week, every bit of it deserved. Cristil was an enduring institution whose popularity never waned over an astounding 58 years devoted to Mississippi State athletics. But here’s a thought, heretical though it may be: Had his career started in 2013 instead of 1953, he probably wouldn’t […]

By Lloyd Gray Daily Journal TUPELO – Faced with two separate international crises, America’s foreign policy is “in a shambles,” U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., said Friday. Defeating – not just containing – Islamic State militants who have taken over major portions of Iraq is essential, Wicker told the Tupelo Kiwanis Club, and standing up […]

It wasn’t all that long ago, it seems, that I came home and she was riding her tricycle in the driveway after her first day of kindergarten and I asked her how it went. “Magnificent,” she replied. “It was more than I ever dreamed it would be.” Early on she had her mother’s enthusiasm for […]

Explicit in Chris McDaniel’s challenge of the Republican senatorial runoff result is that only self-identified Republicans should be able to vote in a Republican primary. Let pureblooded Republicans select Republican nominees and hard-core Democrats pick who runs in the general election under the Democratic banner. Anything else is a defilement of the process, the argument […]