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Gov. Phil Bryant, ever quotable, opined last week that Mississippi’s public schools have been “an abysmal failure.” No need to ask him how he really feels. It was only the latest volley fired by the governor at public education in Mississippi. A few weeks back, taking yet another shot at the demon Common Core, he […]

When C.B. “Buddie” Newman ruled the Mississippi House of Representatives in the early 1980s, his most infamous act was adjourning the House on a deadline night while dozens of legislators shouted for a roll call vote. They wanted to stay in session to consider a bill establishing public kindergartens in Mississippi. Newman wanted it killed. […]

MLK holiday weekend events are in full swing, and many people will have a day off Monday. Anyone looking for a meaningful way to commemorate the day and the man it honors couldn’t do better than going to see the movie “Selma.” Remarkably, this is the first Hollywood movie ever to focus fully on the […]

It started out as a good year for Alan Nunnelee. The second-term 1st District congressman from Tupelo passed the qualifying deadline without a Republican primary opponent for the first time in three races and only nominal Democratic opposition. His hold on the seat after three-plus years in office seemed solidified. Then in early June, he […]

By Lloyd Gray Daily Journal Sonny Noble had been a whistleblower at the North Lee County Water Association in 2011, and he managed to keep his job. When he decided to alert the public to more mismanagement at the association in 2014, he was promptly fired. North Lee officials terminated their outside maintenance supervisor, a […]

You remember him. He was smart and he knew it. Nobody liked him because he was determined to take the fun out of Christmas for everybody. He (or she) was the kid who told you Santa didn’t exist. How did he know? Because his parents told him so. Ah, his parents. They didn’t believe in […]

It’s a testament to how much politics and political campaigns have changed that in Thad Cochran’s first race for the U.S. Senate, another reporter and I spent the last week of the campaign in close quarters all day, for several days, with him and his wife, Rose. We traveled in a small campaign van, chatting […]

Chris McDaniel may have lost the bitter Senate primary battle to Thad Cochran, but at this point he and his supporters appear to be winning the war. Not that McDaniel himself will necessarily make an immediate comeback as a statewide candidate. But his near-miss effort to knock off a political giant by taking on the […]

By Lloyd Gray Daily Journal TUPELO – Sen. Roger Wicker has a big job on his hands as newly elected head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, but he sees a simple solution to the challenge of retaining the GOP majority in the Senate in two years. “If the American people see us operating a […]

Gratitude often comes out of difficult circumstances, which have a way of making us see clearly the things around us we should be thankful for every day but don’t think about often. Tupelo’s status as an effectively functioning community is one of those things that keeps coming to mind in looking back over the 12 […]