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Most Sundays for the past 23 years, I’ve shared my thoughts in this space. It has been a privilege to have had this extended conversation with Daily Journal readers, and a conversation it has been. Many of you have called, emailed, texted, written letters or simply stopped me in the grocery store or at church […]

Some elements of Trent Kelly’s new job aren’t really that attractive. He’ll have to be in a perpetual fundraising and campaign mode with re-election coming up every two years. Since he’s filling an unexpired term, he’s got only about seven months before he has to gear it up again for his 2016 re-election. He’ll be […]

The 1st District congressional runoff Tuesday will close the unexpected preliminary bout of the 2015 election season in Mississippi, but what’s ahead on the main card is likely to be underwhelming in terms of voter interest. Republican dominance in state government is making the statewide campaigns progressively less interesting with each election cycle, and as […]

Change is life’s constant, but the older we get, the less we like it. So when I found myself considering a major change in my life, I was a little surprised. The time was right, and the circumstances too aligned to ignore. In July we will leave Tupelo and I will take a new job […]

Twenty-three years ago, I was pondering an offer from the Daily Journal to come to Tupelo as its editor. My wife and I knew and respected the leaders at the Journal, the job seemed a good fit and we liked what we had seen in Tupelo. But I was also working in my hometown at […]

Whether we think of Tupelo as “urban” or not, it’s the largest Mississippi city in the quadrant of the state east of Interstate 55 and north of Interstate 20. That’s a lot of territory. It’s a micropolitan rather than metropolitan area, yet Tupelo and the immediate vicinity do have characteristics similar to metro communities – […]

For decades, the name Trent Lott was synonymous with the conservative Republican agenda in Mississippi and the nation. First as a member of the U.S. House representing south Mississippi and then in the U.S. Senate, Lott was a leading proponent of bedrock conservative goals. He was one of the earliest congressional supporters of Ronald Reagan’s […]

After a week of raised voices and high emotions, Chancellor Dan Jones’ fate at the University of Mississippi was likely to be determined in continuing quiet conversations with a man he says he trusts and respects. Jones and outgoing Commissioner of Higher Education Hank Bounds didn’t get along. If there’s one undisputed assumption surrounding the […]

The juxtaposition was stark: On the same day last week that the Mississippi Legislature’s school funding bill went to Gov. Phil Bryant $211 million short of what the law requires, the Senate passed a tax cut that would reduce state revenues by $555 million over 15 years. Since the Great Recession kicked in with a […]

As of Friday, there were eight announced candidates in the special election for the vacant 1st District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives from north Mississippi. There will be more, perhaps many more, before the March 27 qualifying deadline. All so far are saying the same thing: I’m for limited government, low taxes, less […]