Joe Rutherford


I am the editorial page editor and editorial writer here at the Daily Journal, where I have worked in some news/editorial capacity for 41-plus years. Northeast Mississippi is my home (I lived in Kossuth, Walnut and Ripley growing up, plus Oxford/Ole Miss). I had a passion for the life, development and progress in this area by the time I was a teenager. During my decades here I have been a beat reporter, area editor and editorial page editor. Every day is a new story, a new angle and most days, a reason for optimism. I am fortunate to have great friends and two wonderful dogs. My passion is travel, and planning the trips is as much fun as going.

Stories Written by Joe Rutherford

Do you support the Salvation Army’s work with donations or volunteer work?

Do you support efforts in several counties and communities to recruit large manufacturers employing hundreds or even thousands of people?

Do the adult women in your family have regular check-ups and self-examinations for breast cancer symptoms?

Do you have friends or relatives who have been Medicaid patients/clients?

Do you hope to see the SummerSALT reading program expand to more area churches?

Do you lock your doors and windows and take other anti-theft precautions every day?

By Joe Rutherford Daily Journal TUPELO – The Northeast Mississippi Regional Water Supply District, the largest source of treated surface water for cities, towns and industries in the region, will cut its rate by one cent per thousand gallons today, following a practice of strict wholesale pricing in force since 1991. District Administrator Denise Farrar […]

Do you know adolescents who have considered what their careers will be?

Will you visit Veterans Park to see the F-105 Thunderchief mounted monument?

Have you donated this year to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Trike-A-Thon?