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I'm a journalist focused on government, policy, politics and people. I find what matters and bird dog it like nobody's business.

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    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Plans for taxpayer improvements of up to $150,000 for roof and front building improvements at Tupelo Municipal Court have paused – possibly forever. The Tupelo Police Department’s plan to move into a new $10 million headquarters on four acres at Front and Franklin streets could allow city court […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Lee County property owners should plan to keep paying current tax rates for county government operations for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. The Lee County Board of Supervisors plan to pass a $27.4 million budget Monday to pay for general government operations, along with upkeep for roads […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – A major milestone in Tupelo’s nearly $3 million city-funded residential redevelopment will deliver new project specifics and details of a significant property transaction next week. Key players with the West Jackson Street redevelopment effort will have a public hearing Monday morning at City Hall to announce their intended […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Tons of debris left for seven weeks after the city demolished taxpayer-owned apartment buildings could start to disappear in less than two weeks. The City Council approved this week a $104,870 contract with Century Construction, allowing the company up to 90 days to clear rubble from about a […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – The city could achieve two distinct milestones this year related to access to public records. City attorney Ben Logan made public Tuesday a two-draft electronic messages policy, intended to formally provide guidance for all elected city leaders and employees. Passing and following such a document would make Tupelo […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Most City Council members can identify parts they’d change in the $33 million fiscal year 2015 budget passed Tuesday, but each voted to approve the financial roadmap. Unlike most years in recent memory, each council member supported the annual budget, which funds a new police officer for animal […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Ward 3 City Council candidate James Hull owed $39,220 in back taxes and twice filed for personal bankruptcy in years past, court records show. But Hull, 62, believes his personal financial problems are irrelevant as he seeks the office in a Sept. 18 runoff. “I don’t know what […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – The City Council plans to vote Tuesday on the $33 million 2015 fiscal year budget, a date set after the Ward 3 special election resulted in a runoff. Each of the six council members likely will support the budget, including a projected surplus and new police responsibilities. When […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Johnny Harris sat outside her second-story apartment Thursday, staring at tons of manmade debris that could easily be mistaken as part of the April destruction elsewhere in the city. City employees, not a tornado, destroyed the Azalea Gardens Apartments on Ida Street 11 weeks after the storm hit […]

    By Robbie Ward Daily Journal TUPELO – Results of the special Ward 3 election received final certification Friday, confirming that Travis Beard and James Hull will advance to the runoff in 12 days. Final percentages to determine a new City Council member twitched slightly after eight affidavit votes were added, but no rankings changed among […]