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Update: New Thai restaurant in Tupelo opens today

By | July 25, 2013
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  • Guest

    Tried to visit them at 11:45 — not open.

    • Tupelo_Guy

      Here’s what Dennis Seid said on Twitter:

      Nao, the new Thai restaurant in Tupelo, will open for dinner today at 5 pm, then start opeming daily at 7 starting Saturday.

      • canle

        Thank you. I appreciate the information.

  • Pingback: New Thai restaurant in Tupelo opens today – Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal - Sharing a passion for the taste and flavours of Thai food - Thai Food()

  • Kt

    They were out of everything we tried to order. They need to be more repaired before opening and more people out front.

    • Campground Charlie

      We had a similar experience. We tried to order three different appetizers and they didn’t have any of them.

      They did have the entrees we wanted, and the flavor and presentation were incredible, so no complaints there.

      Service was a bit lacking considering that we were there for a very early dinner, but the owner (or manager?) seemed to be aware of it. We saw him pull the waiter aside a few times to point him in the right direction as far as checking on drinks, clearing plates, and generally being aware of customer needs.

      I think they’ll do well just because the food is superb, but they do need to either revise the menu or be prepared to serve what’s on it.

  • beagle

    We love the one in Columbus, the food is amazing. Give them time to get through new opening issues and give them a try! The drunken noodle is SO delicious!!

  • Kyle

    My sisters and I went there Sunday for lunch and found it delicious. I think they are trying to improve the service.

  • Kevin

    They need to serve nim nam tok–it’s a beef/onion/cilantro mixture with gravy and served with a cabbage wedge and peanut sauce. You roll up the beef mixture in the cabbage leaves, spread peanut sauce on it and enjoy. Few Thai restaurants have it and I wonder why. It’s awesome!

  • Katie

    Two things you need two know before you go to this restaurant.

    First, if you order a lunch special for carryout, you will not get the soup that is supposed to come with it. They won’t tell you this upfront, and you’ll still pay full price. After two carryout incidents when I assumed they had just forgotten the soup, I checked my next carryout. I saw that the soup was missing, and I asked for it. “Oh no, no soup for carryout.” I asked why and they played the we-don’t-understand-you game.

    Second thing. If you pay by debit or credit card on a carryout, make sure that you fill in what you really mean for a tip, whether that’s a dollar amount or a zero with a line through it. I don’t normally tip on a small, uncomplicated single carryout, but when I got my bank statement today, I suddenly had a $6 tip on an $8 carryout from a couple weeks ago. Never leave the tip space blank on a carryout at this restaurant.

    Now, as to eating in at the restaurant, the service is as bad as the comments indicate.

    For all these reasons, but especially the dishonesty, I will not patronize this place. The food is good but that’s all I can say that is positive.

    • ConwayTwitter

      That’s interesting. I got a lunch special last week and I didn’t get my soup either. I figured they just forgot it because it was carryout and they were obviously putting it together in a pretty big hurry. Looks like maybe it was intentional.

  • Alan-Michael White

    I’m not sure if it’s Nao or Sao, but it’s alright. I wish they’d cook the bean sprouts in their Pad Thai a little, though. Still, the place is pretty sweet, and I do like that they bring you water no matter what.