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It’s official: AT&T 4G LTE is up and running in Tupelo

By | August 27, 2013
  • Corey Smith

    I had LTE show up on my phone about 10 days ago, at the time i didn’t know they were just testing, would’ve been nice for them to announce, but it was very unstable for about 6 days, constant dropping of signal, very very slow download and upload speed, lower than their hspa+ ( or also known as Faux G ). It has finally become more stable, buy I’m running across glitches here and there, not a big deal as i understand stuff like this happens. What I’ve recently found out about the Launch to LTE is now I have no possible option to set my data connection speed as i see fit (ex. Previously I had an option for Strictly 3G or HSPA+) this option has been disabled by ATT, and i know why I think they did this. Most everyone is on a limited amount of data each month, for me, I’m sharing 6gb with sister and Dad, and for as long as we have been with ATT, we have never gone over 1800MB for the each of us every month for years. So the downside to this LTE switch, in roughly 8 days ive used 1600MB. I always leave my WiFi on constantly because I’m always somewhere that has it, but mostly at my house. Alot of people are really going to be screwed when their bill comes, especially the ones who don’t know what LTE is and how much data it.consumes, and others who simply never check on their data usage on a regular schedule. This is very sneaky of them to take away the option to use a lower speed when LTE is not needed.

  • miketup

    LTE is still VERY slow over here in the Lumpkin and airport area of Tupelo. I am very very disappointed in their claims to have the fastest LTE service in the nation. It certainly isn’t in this part of town. My download speeds are running .5 average and .1 upload average. I still may have to switch to another carrier if this doesn’t improve soon!

    • ConwayTwitter

      It’s AT&T, man. Go ahead and make the switch. It’s not going to get better and they don’t care.