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Furniture Brands could lay off 1,400 in Mississippi

By | September 9, 2013
  • muffy

    Looks like The Looters have successfully siphoned off a few hundred millions more dollars from another MADE IN AMERICA industry.

    Furniture Brands International and the board of directors and upper management have lined their collective pockets and looted the pension plan of Lane Furniture in North Mississippi as well as others…Broyhill…Ethan Allen etc.

    The CEO of FBI ( Ralph Scozzafava since 2007 ) was just granted a huge bonus in the not too distant past..( how can that be justified when the business is failing)…. but stock manipulation and other deceitful accounting tricks yet to be discovered has decimated the core businesses of FBI….but not the core business of these looters: which is to drain industries of everything…. then walk away pocketing millions and leaving thousands unemployed and pension funds in ruins.

    When will these looters be prosecuted? Probably the same time politicians will be for their own brand of looting. A sad commentary of what is happening in this world today.