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BancorpSouth customers experience online glitches

By | December 10, 2013
  • customer

    People are still unable to access their online accounts or get through to the hotline. They have now disabled the online chat help as well.

  • sbolen

    Still doesn’t work correctly..

  • Angry in Alabama

    so, this happened over the weekend? It’s Wednesday and I have been on hold for two hours AGAIN tonight. When did you say the call volume is expected to lessen. They are losing my business… soon as I can access my account.

    • vardaman

      you are not going to be able to access your account as long as these dumbass,know it all IT guys that they hire continue to change things that they have screwed up time and time again. They had a good system that should have been left alone. Reminds me of OBAMA CARE website that wouldn’t work.

  • CoonNeck

    Still sucks … goodbye, BancorpSouth! Jeeeeeez!

  • unhappy in Texas

    They say there has only been a problem for 3 days..I haven’t been able to access my account for 6 days and still can’t get through on any of the phone numbers that we are told to call. I couldn’t even get through to my local Bancorpsouth bank!

  • Steve

    Last night I spent 38 minutes listening to the
    same music over and over again only being interrupted buy the voice
    saying that a “Thank you for continuing to hold a representative will be
    with you in a moment” !!! Really? who developed this web site????
    Probably the same people who developed Obama-care! Tomorrow I do believe
    I will choose a new bank and close out my accounts. I don’t generally
    like change… especially in web sites that are frequented. And if they
    say its all about “security” I will say its BS… Good luck getting my
    business back. So far tonight I have been on hold for an hour….I’m done, good bye bancorp!!!! I am so gonna close my account tomorrow

  • Larry

    unreal, I hope their systems security works better than their online banking. Obama-care all over again. Thanks Bancorp South.

  • Unsatisfied Customer

    What are you talking about? They hired the people that built the Obamacare website…figured if it was good enough for the was good enough for Bancorpsouth…still not able to access my online account!!!..maybe I just need to get another bank

  • Unsatisfied Customer

    Incompetence….thy name is Bancorpsouth