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BancorpSouth still working through online banking issues

By | December 12, 2013
  • Steve

    22 minutes…really? Last night I spent 38 minutes listening to the same music over and over again only being interrupted buy the voice saying that a “Thank you for continuing to hold a representative will be with you in a moment” !!! Really? who developed this web site???? Probably the same people who developed Obama-care! Tomorrow I do believe I will choose a new bank and close out my accounts. I don’t generally like change… especially in web sites that are frequented. And if they say its all about “security” I will say its BS… Good luck getting my business back.

    • Kevin

      I agree with Steve, I am not fond of change either. Everything seemed to work fine before, I have thought about finding a new bank myself because of this. My whole family uses this bank, but I think that Bancorp South will no longer have our business at all.

      • Trey

        I also changed closed my BancorpSouth account and switched banks after not being able to get into my online banking for 5 straight days. Totally ridiculous.

        • Tim

          we have been banking with Bancorp for over 12 years and we cant even get through to the 888 number and no one at bancorp can help. We pay all our bills on line so we are experiencing more difficulty than Bancorp realizes. We are very close to changing banks.

    • Jan

      Amen!!!! I need to look at my account especially here at Christmas

  • Amanda

    on hold for 30 min last night, on hold right now going on 20 min…I have to pay for my minutes so thanks a lot for the wasted time and money!

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  • Lee

    I been with this bank for 16 years and I think the website was fine the way it was. I dont know what they are trying to prove. They need to hurry up with this garbage or GO TO HELL!

  • Rockey

    This is still going on. This is the biggest mess the bank has ever seen. I cannot connect my Quicken software. There is no one to talk to. The last and only time I got through to a phone line I was on hold well over 20 minutes only to be sent to someone’s voicemail and cutoff. Even the branches are having trouble. I have been without access to online service for three weeks and counting! About to walk to the next bank.