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Carol the elephant returning to Tupelo with circus

By | February 5, 2014
  • Lori Sirianni

    “A triumphant return”? “Good for her”? Hardly! The callous indifference of Ringling Bros. Circus and their veterinarian is appalling. Forcing Carol to return to the exact same place where she was shot last year? Has it occurred to them that it could be emotionally traumatic for her to go back there? Elephants have superior intelligence and long-term memories, and are known to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Do they think Carol’s too dumb to recognize the scene of the crime? Obviously, since she will likely be chained up in the exact same parking lot where she was shot. And will there be extra security for the animals this year? Has it occurred to Ringling that since Carol’s shooter was never caught, he/she might decide to come back again to finish her off, or injure the other elephants? I implore the public to please avoid this heartless, cruel circus!

  • TuckerD

    So Carol has recovered to spend her days being chained in trucks and trains to give circus goers 15 minutes of “entertainment”. BAck to doing un-natural stupid tricks out of fear. Shame on anyone who supports this abuse by buying a ticket. Please Google Ringling abuses elephants and watch the videos before you buy that ticket, then if you still go look closely to see if the animals are happy. Notice the handlers with the sharp pointed bull hooks! The tiger threatened with a WHIP! Countries around the world have BANNED the use of wild animals in the circus! The time has come for the US to follow suit and show some humanity and compassion to these magnificent animals. Thank you,

  • Elephant Lover

    The idea that Carol would not remember where she was shot proves the
    lack of understanding reporters have for this hapless species.

    Why Oh Why will reporters in smaller towns not do their research? These animals live miserable lives – the lives of slaves and if any state should recognize slavery when it sees it, it is Mississippi. Quoting this vet is like quoting the overseer on an 1850s plantation, “Yes, our slaves are well taken care of,” when we all know that what slaves want is to be away from the threat of abuse and their freedom. All anyone has to do is put “Ringling abuse” in You Tube to view it for themselves.

    Shame on anyone and any business which promotes the meanest entertainment on earth. Join the rest of the world and ban animals in the circus – as much of the world has. Humans have a choice, the animals don’t – they only work as slaves.

  • Barbara Lovett

    Poor, poor Carol forced not only to do stupid tricks for stupid people, but she also has to return to a place where she was shot? Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with this reporter that he didn’t do his research about what elephants endure before copying, word for word, what the circus industry tells him? Shameful for any journalist to not know the full story of circus elephant abuse when all he has to do is go a Google search!

  • cyberksmith

    What a hideous and cruel idea. Ringling knows better and doesn’t care about the trauma revisiting this place will cause for this poor elephant. All for publicity’s sake and never about the welfare of the elephants. They are living beings not money-making machines!!! Shame on Ringling for exploiting elephants.

  • Jude Price

    The hideousness of this story! Biz Buzz – obviously no idea who an elephant is. It is time to end the industry hype and look at this from elephant’s POV.

  • Katrina Meier

    Dennis Seidel obviously don’t CARE about the well being of any of the animals in the circus. You’re completely misinformed and you obviously didn’t do your research on how circus elephants are trained. You only got wind of something, then put an ounce of thought into it and wrote about it. Carol will NEVER forget what happened to her. It is people like you that don’t deserve to be in journalism, bc you don’t research facts before you write. Instead of writing a bs article like this, do your research and write the truth of what lies behind the training of these animals and how they’re imprisoned by the circus. Spreading the truth is much more worthy journalism than writing something that hides the very dark secret of these people. My friend left the circus as an acrobat because of their abusive ways towards the animals. Truth is the only thing you have left.

  • Alex Brown

    Yippi! The exploitation continues.