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Too little, too late? Silver Airways addresses pilot shortage

By | February 6, 2014
  • Ed Knapp

    QOL improvement by keeping pilots at work for 18 possibly 20 consecutive days? This LOA has more concessions than any positives. It fails to mention the abuse the reserve pilots will receive.

  • Ed Knapp

    This conversation is over….

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  • Maria Maldonado

    I can’t wait to create 18 day long rsv lines. You pilots are so gonna get it!

  • bob

    i sent silver 2 emails with my resume’ attached (two different people at hr) last month never even bothered to reply to my emails. i sent one email to an airline in asia they replied offering me a job ! im just waiting for some paperwork and im flying there next week. have no idea why they didnt reply but am happy they didnt since the job in asia pays 250% more