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AT&T: We’ve invested $1 billion-plus in Mississippi since 2011

By | March 19, 2014
  • John

    I am sorry, but that is a joke. I live in rural Guntown area, I would love, no beg for DSL or Higher speed Internet. I talked to several AT&T engineers, they said my local exchange has fiber optic connection and I live well within the range to get DSL, but you have to have an upgrade done on the exchange to support the DSL option, its installing a board. Then its high speed for all of us around that rural area. I went up the ladder of managers, district & regional managers, till I got to a lady in Atlanta, GA who told me these exact words after I even offered to try to raise the money needed for the board to be installed or whatever was needed. She said, “You will be able to rent condos on the moon for $99 dollars a week before you have a chance for high speed internet.” Laughing in my face over the phone. AT&T only cares about high population centers and high volume places. I even talked to the Mississippi Broadband Coalition about the issues and was told, encouraging things, until AT&T came to the meeting and told them something, then they started dodging my messages. So don’t give AT&T any free advertising. They are not here to help Mississippi. I learned that when they would not help fix my phone issues I had with ISDN.

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