A.J. JOHNSON: Be thankful and have a stress-free holiday

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday when we celebrate our many blessings.

For some people this season is difficult because they feel like they might gain weight if they are “bad” and join in the feasting, or feeling deprived if they are “good” and abstain from eating holiday treats.

During the holiday season it is very difficult to not consume more food than normal. We get stressed out and the way we relieve our stress is to eat some of our favorite homemade goodies. Then, after the holidays we still crave that favorite peanut butter fudge that Aunt May makes.

Following the principles of eating well takes us out of that “good-bad” mindset.

* When we are eating well, we eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re full most of the time.

* We know that a piece of candy or an occasional cookie is not going to spell doom.

* We have a piece of pumpkin pie if we want one, but the size of the piece suits our appetite.

* We don’t skip a meal before attending a party because we are more likely to overeat when overly hungry.

* We eat consciously and savor every bite of holiday goodies.

* We enjoy the holidays because we know that if we do overeat a bit and gain an extra pound or two, we are likely to lose them as we return to our normal eating pattern.

Remember, too, that keeping up with regular physical activity is even more important during this season than the rest of the year. Staying physically active can help reduce the stress this season can bring. And, everyone would benefit from including movement in their holiday activities like walking and jogging and playing with kids. Celebrate the true meaning of the holiday season while enjoying the company of family and friends.

Tip submitted by Anthony Johnson. E-mail or call for questions to onebody1@att.net ,662-542-3800.