OUR OPINION: Christmas giving

Chickasaw Journal

As most of us ponder what we will get or give for Christmas, we would like to ask our readers to step back and think about those doing without this holiday season.

There are many who have been hit hard by tough economic times. There are always many who have been given a bad lick in life.

Chickasaw County is fortunate to have a number of agencies that reach out to the downtrodden and those who need a little extra boost to catch up. The mark of a truly decent and special community is how they minister to the poor and those going through a tough time.
Many of us have been given the gift of a job, good health, strong family and friends in 2012. We hope you will realize your good fortune and respond by helping others.

In this season of love and light, The Chickasaw Journal wants to ask you to put one more gift under your tree. We want to ask you to consider making a sizable donation to your favorite charity, your church or a family who has fallen on hard times.

As you write out checks and swipe your card to purchase those gifts for family and friends, please remember that this time of year will be bleak and cold for many.

The agencies Chickasaw County has come to rely on to help those in need have also suffered from the Great Recession. Donations are down. Budgets have been cut. Services have been curtailed.

And the needs are larger than ever.

Yes, we urge you to go caroling, drop your change into offering plates and give small gifts to those you know.

We also urge you to remember that nothing solves so many of life’s problems like cold, hard cash.

This is the season to open your wallet Chickasaw County. This is the season to open you heart to help others. This is the season to give someone a truly Merry Christmas.