Houlka to get lift station

HOULKA – The Houlka Board of Aldermen heard a report on a sewer repair project that will alleviate a drainage problem for residents.
A lift station is being installed at a resident’s home to correct a long-standing flow problem and the project should be completed this week.
Mayor Jimmy Kelly said the problem was not new and needed to be fixed.
“The property has always been low,” Kelly said, adding that the lift was needed to force drainage from the low areas into the city sewer system. “Water won’t drain up hill.”
The lift will tie into the main sewer line on Griffin Street and should correct the drainage issue for residents in the area.
Lydia Quarrells of the Stennis Institute addressed the board with information about sustainable growth for the community.
Quarrells presented the board members with a list of things to consider before moving toward any kind of expansion.
“I recommend you take your time,” Quarrells said. “If you expand, you have a financial consideration to provide services to a larger area.”
Quarrells suggested the board form a plan of growth that includes the path of potential growth and sustainability for expansion.
The incorporated city limits of New Houlka currently include 1.2 square miles.
“We have very limited room for expansion in housing or business and industry inside town,” Kelly said.
No action was taken on the matter as the presentation was for information only.
In other business, the board
* Approved the monthly claims
* Agreed to form a service extension, long range plan and general emergency response plan for the subdivision on the east side of town.
* Approved a training class for City Clerk Gay Williams.
* Set the January meeting for Jan. 8 due to the New Year’s holiday.

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