Billy Bikes!

HOUSTON – It’s the best part of being a Chicksaw County Constable.

First District Constable Billy Voyles will give six bicycles to six needy Chicksaw County youngsters for the eighth year in a row this Christmas.

“I give out three new bicycles to boys and three new bicycles to girls,” said Voyles. “They are different sizes for different ages.”

Voyles said he has been handing out “Billy Bikes” since he became constable in 1996. The bicycles are bought with his personal money and no tax dollars are used.

“In this business we see a lot of people who have come on hard time and who might not be able to have much of a Christmas this year,” said Voyles. “I know these people, and I assure you they go to deserving kids and families.”

Voyles said he typically picks a boy and girl from Houlka, Houston and Woodland. He said bikes are delivered on Christmas Eve and Voyles said he tells parents to just say Santa Claus brought it.

He pointed out the bikes are bought locally.

“I can’t tell you how excited these kids are to get a bicycle for Christmas,” said Voyles. “I tell people I was elected to serve the community and this is one of my favorite ways to make life a little better for those who don’t have much.”


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