BUTTON-Letters-To-Editor_stockLet’s try charter schools


Dear Editor,

Thanks to liberals like you and Dr. Coker, we readers get to hear one side of the Charter School issue. You are right in that we should do our homework. That statement includes you and Dr. Coker.

Let’s see, we were at the bottom of the education in Mississippi years ago. We started throwing money at education at that time and have continued to do so up to the present time. Now where are we? I believe we are still at the bottom!

Charter Schools have seemed to be very successful in many other states, so why shouldn’t we try something that is successful, get our state off the bottom, and become a model state. Let’s get rid of an antiquated education system and open the state up to a system where everyone can get a quality education.

Take your blinders off and open up your mind!

I looked across the page, and I see a praise of our President.

Mr. Brooks has every right to express his opinion, but when he starts putting the President “up there” with FDR, he needs to put him up there with two more “great” liberal presidents; LBJ and Jimmy Carter.

Has President Obama rescued the banks? I think Mr. Brooks needs to talk to someone in the banking industry and see just how well off they are! The President has taken over GM, not rescued them! The facts are that we are headed down that socialist road like Greece and Spain who are doing “so well.”

I can state one truth and that is Mr. Books was able to get his liberal views printed. I have yet to see any conservative views printed in this paper and probably never will.

Thank you,

Billy R. Ponds
McCondy, Miss.

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