Simply awesome

DIIA__MUG_Lisa_Voyles_newI hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I know I did.

Now that all the children are older, Christmas is a lot more relaxed than it used to be. No more jumping on the bed at 4 a.m. begging to open presents. This year we actually ate breakfast before they headed toward the tree.

Of course, some of the magic is gone, too. At 22, 20, 14 and 13, they are all pretty specific about what they want and they generally know what’s under the tree with their name on it.

I kind of miss the overwhelming presence of Santa Claus in the house, but Mrs. Claus – that would be me – doesn’t miss staying up until way past midnight to get the gifties ready.

I guess we’re just moving into another phase of life. A little calmer and quieter and a lot more restful.


All the awesomeness that is us


The week between Christmas and New Years is a slow time at the good, old community newspaper.

School is out, factories are closed, government slows down and I take full advantage of the respite.

One of my favorite things to work on is the Year in Review. It’s an annual tradition in the newspaper business to take a look back through the previous year and offer our readers a little snapshot of where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing.

Since we keep our records electronically now, it’s a little easier than past years when I had to flip page after page of newsprint. But it’s still just as interesting and entertaining to compile.

At the weekly newspaper, we never really stop production on one edition before we begin another and we – more specifically, I – tend to forget last week’s news quickly.

The Year in Review reminds me of our accomplishments, losses, goals and plans. As I was working on it this year, I realized we are simply awesome!

Really, I mean it. All over our county we’re winning awards and making history. We’re striving toward and achieving goals and laying plans for the future. Businesses are opening and expanding, residents are being recognized for service and success, schools are laying out structures to improve the educational facilities for our children’s future and the list goes on and on.

We’re just amazing! Here we live in these little towns in this little county in the Deep  South and we’re just going and doing, creating and inventing, improving and succeeding.

Chickasaw County is truly the jumping off place and I can’t imagine why everyone else doesn’t want to be here, too.

We’re going to have opportunities to invite more people in from the outside with the opening of the Tanglefoot Trail and, hopefully, with more expansion of businesses.

Let’s show them just how fabulous we are.

My mother laughingly calls me the “Cheerleader of Chickasaw County” when I get on a tear about how much I love my home.

And all I have to say about that is, “Rah, rah, yay us!”


Lisa Voyles is Managing Editor/Sports for the Chickasaw Journal. She can be reached at 456-3771 or via email to