Stress free holidays for Houlka teachers

1STOCK NEMS education_news_chalk NEMSHOULKA –  Faculty and staff took at Houlka Attendance Center were the recipients of a special Christmas present this year.

The School Health Council, in partnership with local businesses and the parent support group, sponsored a mini-spa day complete with massages, treats and door prizes.

“It’s a staff wellness day,” said school nurse Chandra Warren. “Our health council and HOPE put it on and local businesses provided gifts for door prizes.”

The council is made of school staff as well as community members and are focusing on overall health for teachers, students and the public.

“It’s one of the ways we can try to improve the health of our staff members and community members, too,” Warren said. “For our teachers, we need the here at school to teach and being stress free is one of the things we can do.”

Therapists from the Massage Center in Tupelo provided massages and local businesses donated gifts.

“Most of them are health related,” Warren said.

One of the priorities of the health council is to ensure that needs are met to assist with a healthy lifestyle.

“We look at ways to improve our staff wellness and health,” Warren said. “If it’s a CPR class or something on tobacco abuse, therapy or health screenings.”