Two arrested for robbery in Vardaman

1STOCK Investigation Police LineVARDAMAN – Two men are in the Calhoun County Jail facing robbery charges after they allegedly beat and robbed an elderly man Sunday night.

Vardaman Police Chief Kenny Scott said two Jackson residents had come to Vardaman to work and became acquainted with their victim, but apparently turned on him and robbed him of two cellphones and his wallet.

“The victim was 74-years-old and he didn’t know these guys real well,” said Scott. “There was some kind of altercation and they jumped him and beat him up pretty bad. He was transported to Tupelo hospital with head trauma and was in the hospital a couple of days.”

Scott said  James Cody Bourgeois, 18, and his uncle, Ronald Potter, 36, both of Jackson, have been charged with burglary and are in the Calhoun County Jail, each under $25,000 bond.

“From what we have been able to determine, the robbery occurred about 7 p.m., at a home on Richards Street,” said Scott. “They knocked the victim unconscious and after he woke up he crawled to a neighbor’s house and they called us.”

Scott said Officer Dewayne Winter initially responded to the call. Potter was arrested about 9 p.m. at a home on County Road 450. Bourgeois was arrested in Vardaman about 5 p.m. Monday.

Scott said the victim was beat unconscious with a can of food.

“I was glad we were able to make these arrests so quickly,” said Scott. “I want to thank the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department for helping us with this case.”

Scott said the incident is still under investigation, but no more arrests are expected.