City names Heeringa to school board

CJ-0711-CITY-Heeringa-1C.jpgHOUSTON – The Houston Board of Aldermen named Daniel Heeringa as its 2013 appointment to the Houston School Board of Trustees last week.

Heeringa will now fill out a full term and be up for re-appointment to his post on the Houston School Board in February 2018.

Heeringa had been appointed by the city in July to fill the post of Trustee Rayburn Parks who resigned after he married a Houston teacher and created a conflict of interest. Houston had a similar problem three years ago when Eric Chandler was seated on the school board and his wife was an employee of the Houston School District. Chandler resigned his post and Trustee Marvin Beard was appointed by the city.

The motion to appoint Heeringa to the school board was made by District 4 Alderman Willie Mae McKinney and seconded by District 3 Alderman Frank Thomas. Aldermen Tony Uhiren and Barry Springer voted for Heeringa’s appointment. District 2 Alderman Shenia Jones was absent and did not vote.

The Houston School Board is served by five trustees – three appointed by the city and two elected.

Current Houston School Board President Bart Munlin is up for election this year and his term expires in March. Zack Huffman is Houston’s other elected trustee and his post is up for election in 2016.

Current Houston School Board members who are appointed and their term expiration date are:

• Marvin Beard, March 2015.

• Carol Byrne. March 2017.

Okolona will also hold an election this year to name an Okolona School Board Trustee.

William Bailey was named an Okolona School Board Trustee two weeks ago when the Okolona School Board was reconstituted after coming out from under state control.

If re-elected Bailey will serve a full term on the Okolona School Board.

Chickasaw County School Board of Trustees has no candidates up for election this calendar year. Michelle Collums and Pam Butler were re-elected to the Board of Trustees during the General Election of November 2013.

Houston, Houlka, Okolona and Woodland have city elections this spring.

Candidates who have qualifed in Okolona and their position are:

Ward 1 Alderman – Kenneth McVey (i).

Ward 2 Alderman –

Ward 3 Alderman –

Ward 4 Alderman – Imogene Armstrong (i).

Ward 5 Alderman – Mary L. Gates.

Mayor – Louise F. Cole (i).

City Marshal – Tommy James Ivy (i)

Candidates who have qualifed in Houston and their position are:

District 1 Alderman – Tony Uhiren (i).

District 2 Alderman – Shenia K. Jones (i).

District 3 Alderman – Frank Thomas (i).

District 4 Alderman – Willie Mae McKinney (i)

Alderman at Large –

Mayor – Stacey W. Parker (i)

City Marshal – Billy Voyles (i)

No candidate had qualified for Houlka aldermen or mayor as of Friday.

No candidate had qualified for Woodland aldermen or mayor as of Friday.


Municipal elections

Qualifying deadline: March 8, 5 p.m.

Primary elections: May 7

Runoff election (if needed): May 21

General election: June 4


School board elections

(Okolona Municipal Schools)

Qualifying deadline, Municipal: Jan. 21, 5 p.m.

Election day: March 2

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