LISA VOYLES: Bout with the bug

DIIA__MUG_Lisa_Voyles_newI had a little bout with the stomach bug last week and it wasn’t any fun at all.

If you’ve had it, I sympathize, and if you haven’t, try to keep it that way.

I’m not normally a sickly person so I was kind of surprised it caught up with me, but it did. It put me down to a complete halt Wednesday, home in bed, stop, do not pass “Go.”

But Thursday morning, I was feeling much better, but still not 100 percent and didn’t want to bring any germs back into the public, so I spent another day at home.

I’m not at my house much on the weekdays and I made a discovery.

Daytime television is not for me.

After the news, it goes into talk shows, one after the other. This is just my own personal preference, but I really don’t care about small claims court and all that baby mama drama.

If you don’t know how to throw a shiftless human out of your house, I can’t help you. And if you don’t know who the baby’s daddy is, you don’t look good on television admitting it to the world.

There is one thing I found daytime television good for – inspiring me to clean house.

Once I gave up on TV, I just didn’t have much else to do but look at the cobwebs on the ceiling, so that’s where I started.

Of course, once I swept the ceiling, moldings and walls clean, the whole house was covered in dust. It looked like a tornado had come through.

I stood there and surveyed the damage and made my decision.

Yep, it was on like Donkey Kong.

My mother came by to check on me and found me standing in a chair, removing globes from the ceiling fans to wash them.

It took all day – with a break at 2 p.m. for Jeopardy, of course – but what a difference a day makes!

I did fall at the last fence and didn’t get the windows done, but I felt pretty good about the work I did complete. Between the Lysol and bleach, I don’t think a germ could survive and I’m about two months ahead on spring cleaning.

I made it back to work Friday and not a minute too soon. I was exhausted and just couldn’t face another day with the old mop bucket.

Of course, we tracked in mud and wet leaves all weekend and now it’s threatening ice and snow, but that’s just part of a Mississippi winter.

Hoping for a relatively nice week for everyone despite what Mother Nature throws our way.


Lisa Voyles is Managing Editor/Sports for the Chickasaw Journal. She can be reached at 456-3771 or via email to