JOHN STANDFIELD: We open doors to education

CJ-0116-eddy stand-MGKBy John Stanfield

Guest Columnist


A community says a lot about itself by the way it takes care of its children.

Okolona is saying good things lately with its response to Okolona Community Dollars for Scholars.

The group, only eight-years-old, last summer gave out five $1,500 scholarships and twenty-two $500 scholarships to Okolona High School graduating Seniors and college students. Community response has made it possible this year for the group to give at least eight additional community based scholarships of varying amounts. Hopes are to expand that amount even more in the future.

To date, Okolona Community Dollars for Scholars has awarded more than $100,000 in scholarships and plans to raise even more in pledges and donations. That’s going to make a difference, perhaps a big difference, in the lives of deserving students faced with the overwhelming costs of continuing their education after high school.

And the fund-raising efforts haven’t stopped. Efforts are under way to add to an endowment fund that will generate money for scholarships in this decade and for decades to come.

“We open doors to education”

This is precisely what donors do when they support Okolona Community Dollars for Scholars. As college costs rise, financing a college education becomes an increasingly daunting challenge. Imagine the pride of local youths when they earn a local scholarship that says in effect, “We believe so strongly in you and have so much confidence in your abilities that we’ll put our money behind you.”

What a boost!


John Standfield is Executive Director of the Okolona Community Dollars for Scholars program. He can be reached at or 871-9344.

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