Snow day unexpected vacation

By MaKayla Pullen

Chickasaw Journal


Last Thursdaymakayla pullen, multiple schools in Mississippi celebrated an unanticipated snow day.

Local schools including Vardaman, Calhoun City and Houston all got the privilege of staying at home on what was almost a five-day weekend with Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday.

All over the county, children woke up to see if the weather predictions were true and indeed they were. Snow, only about an inch or two thick blanketed the ground, a sure sign that school would be canceled.  Luckily, the water that was already on the ground from the week before helped to melt the snow before it became a hazard to vehicles going to work Thursday morning.

As many say, “It’s just this crazy Mississippi weather!” This statement has proven itself true the last couple of weeks. Last Friday through Sunday it felt like an early summer was upon us, then Sunday afternoon it suddenly turned cold almost in the blink of an eye. Students at Houston High School got out early Monday due to ice hazards and the rain continued through Wednesday.

The day away from school was a nice break, school resumed on Friday like normal and all the snow melted away. Maybe this crazy season will bring us warm weather and summer will be here soon!


MaKayla Pullen is a senior at Houston High School and a student intern at the Chickasaw Journal. She can be reached at 456-3771.



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