Houston seeks more input on school survey

LOGO HOUSTON School RAMHOUSTON – Schools are at the core of quality of life in any community and the public is being asked to participate in a quick survey to help make the local school district better.

Parents in the Houston School District were asked to go online to take a survey about Houston schools in December. The survey asks participants to voice their concerns and rate the district in several key subject areas.

“We have approximately 1,800 kids in the district and feel we need 10 percent of the community to respond to get a good survey,” said Houston Assistant Superintendent Chad Spence. “That means we need about 200 surveys and we have about 85 at this point.”

Spence said the district will now take the survey to local businesses, churches and institutions to gather a larger pool and hopefully obtain a more accurate sense of what Houston schools are doing well and where they need to improve.

“We will be carrying the survey to Franklin Industries, our larger churches, the hospital and other major institutions,” said Spence. “We have already started looking at the 85 surveys that have been turned in and, while we think the district is heading in the right direction, we want hard data that can help Houston schools be better.”

Spence said the move to carry the survey to the community is part of the district’s goal to be more involved in the community and to get the community more involved with their schools.

“It’s obvious some parents can’t come to us or are hesitant to come to us with their concerns,” said Spence. “We still want to hear from them and see what their needs are and what our teachers and principals can do to help educate their children.”

Spence was hesitant to give hard answers as to what the survey has revealed until he had better data.

“Safety, the progress of the district, what the goals of the community as it relates to education; these are a couple of the issues addressed by the survey,” said Spence. “We have been surprised to find our more of our responses have come from parents with students in high school than in our elementary schools.”

The survey also touches on parental involvement, homework, classroom environment and if parents feel the educational needs of their child are being met by the Houston School District.

“If we can identify key concerns and areas where the community wants to be involved, the district can then set up programs aimed at those issues,” said Spence. “This is educators – this school district – working to get people in the community come along side us to move Houston schools forward.”

Spence said people constantly say things have to be done to make schools better and he said this is Houston’s chance to do that.

“We want our community to tell us what they see us doing well and what steps we need to take to make our district excel,” said Spence. “We want the community to be frank with us in their assessment and we welcome new ideas.”

The survey can be found at www.houston.k12.ms.usand is sponsored by the district to gain input from parents and guardians of children.

The survey takes only minutes to complete and is anonymous.

For more information about the Houston School District parent survey please contact the Central Office at 456-3332.

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