BUTTON-Letters-To-Editor_stockGod control, not gun control

Dear Editor,
As we enter the new year we can’t get Sandy Hook out of our mind and therefore there seems to be no way to distance ourselves from the old year. We simply wait for the next mass murder, each one wanting to out-do the others. Gun control isn’t the answer. Leave guns in the hands of our law abiding citizens. Perhaps all schools should have armed guards or pray this will never happen to us, or others, ever again.
The answer is so simple we overlook it. Some would ask why God would allow such a horrible thing as this incident at Sandy Hook. God had nothing to do with it! He wasn’t about to be there!
The solution to our problem in society today is to restore God to his rightful place in our schools. Until we do that, and raise-up our children by Biblical principles, we will continue in the downward spiral that we are in until God says it’s enough and pronounces final judgment on our great nation.

Henry Weir, Jr.
Prairie, Miss.

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