LOCAL FOCUS: Houston Monument

CJ-0822-LOCAL-FOCUS-Monument-3C.jpgLonnie Whitt knows his work will last longer than just about any in this community, so that is why he does it right the first time.

“We also realize this is a difficult time in the lives of our customers,” said Whitt, owner of Houston Monument. “We do our best to provide a high quality service as promised.”

Whitt brings more than 40 years of experience in carving, installing and selling monuments across North Mississippi. He went to work for Houston Monument in 1968 and bought the business in 1971. Houston Monument now has a staff of three fulltime employees and three part-time workers.

“We are one of the few monument companies in the state that does it all,” said Whitt. “We take a blank stone – of a design and color that you choose – and can engrave it with just about anything you want.”

Houston Monument offers stones in red, black and traditional gray granite in a variety of grains and color. They can also special order white marble.

The company has invested in a computerized plotter that prints off a design chosen by the customer. The design is then glued to the granite face and carved into the rock.

“And we do it all the work here,” said Whitt. “We also deliver and install your monument in a proper fashion.”

Installation is the key to keeping a monument upright for generations. Whitt pointed out Houston Monument has experience in working with various soils and can install a base that will last.

Whitt said they also work with customers to fit their budget. He said many people prefer to handle installation on the grave of a family member themselves.

“We also do a lot of wholesale work,” said Whitt. “We have people who have been doing business with us for years. They know we provide a quality product at a fair price.”

Whitt said he has erected thousands of monuments in hundreds of cemeteries around the region.

“When all is said and done we want the family to always be able to look at their monument with pride,” said Whitt. “I work very hard to do what I tell people I am going to do – and we are going to do it right.”


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