City election filing deadline is Friday

Chickasaw-election-newsCHICKASAW COUNTY – A 5 p.m. Friday deadline looms for potential candidates looking to get on city ballots in Houston, Okolona, Houlka and Woodland this spring.

City races in Okolona already have 17 people seeking eight spots while in Houston 11 people have thrown their hat in the ring for seven offices.

In Okolona all candidates have filed as democrats while Houston has three people declaring for the Republican Party. In Houlka all candidates have filed as independents

Candidates who declare a political party are required to pay a $10 application fee. Candidates who run as independents, do not pay a fee but must submit a petition with 50 signatures of qualified electors.

Candidates who have qualified in Houston, their position, political party, name and if they are an incumbent (i) are:

• District 1 Alderman – Republican Tony Uhiren (i).

• District 2 Alderman – Democrat Shenia K. Jones (i).

• District 3 Alderman – Republican Frank Thomas (i), Republican Richard Cooper.

• District 4 Alderman – Democrat Willie Mae McKinney (i)

• Alderman at Large – Democrat Barry Springer (i), Democrat Amy Gardner.

• Mayor – Democrat Stacey W. Parker (i), Democrat Terry Taylor.

• City Marshal – Democrat Billy Voyles (i), Democrat Robert Ivy.

Candidates who have qualified in Okolona, their position, political party, name and if they are an incumbent (i) are:

• Ward 1 Alderman – Democrat Kenneth McVey (i), Democrat Leander Lee Wilson.

• Ward 2 Alderman – Democrat Bennett Moore (i), Democrat Judy T. Nichols.

• Ward 3 Alderman – Democrat Eldridge Lowe (i).

• Ward 4 Alderman – Democrat Imogene Armstrong (i), Democrat Regina Pickens, Democrat Jarvis Brumbly, Democrat Teresa M. Price, Democrat Robert E. Shinn.

• Ward 5 Alderman – Democrat Mary L. Gates, Democrat Robert Matt Hughes (i).

• Ward 6 Alderman – Democrat Anthony Floyd (i).

• Mayor – Democrat Louise Floyd Cole (i), Democrat Sherman R. Carouthers.

• City Marshal – Democrat Tommy James Ivy (i), Democrat Willie C. Moore, Jr.

Houlka elects city aldermen at large with the five candidates getting the top number of votes being named alderman. Candidates who have qualified in Houlka, their position, political party, name and if they are an incumbent (i) are:

• Mayor – Independent Jimmy Kelly (i)

• Alderman – Independent Kim Murphree (i), Independent K.C. Gates (i), Independent Dustin Eaton.

No candidate had qualified for Woodland aldermen or mayor as of Monday.

Municipal primary elections for differing political parties will be Tuesday, May 7, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at regular city polling precincts. Candidates must earn 50 percent of the vote, plus one vote, to be declared the winner of a primary election.

A runoff election among like political candidates – if needed – would be held May 21. The top candidates garnering 50 percent of the vote in the primary would face each other in the party runoff.

The general election – if needed — will be held June 4 and will pit party candidates for an overall winner to claim the post.

Primary and party elections have to be canvassed or certified by each respective party. The general election will be canvassed or certified by the board of aldermen of each municipality.

Paychecks for aldermen in Chickasaw County’s four municipalities vary based on population and tax base.

Aldermen, city marshal and mayors in all four communities are also allowed a budgeted travel and mileage expense that must be approved by the city.

To qualify for municipal office, a candidate must be a registered voter of the municipality. Candidates may not have been convicted of a federal crime or certain Mississippi crimes defined as punishable by incarceration in a state penitentiary unless they have received a full pardon. They also may not be convicted of a crime in another state that is considered a felony under Mississippi law.

Candidates cannot have been legally declared mentally incompetent.

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