Who deserves your vote?


The deadline to qualify to run for a spot in city government in Okolona, Houston, Houlka and Woodland was Friday.

The candidates have stepped up and filed the appropriate paperwork, paid their fees and tossed their hat in the ring.

Let us be the first to say we thank every candidate for the courage and desire to run for public office. Everyone is quick to talk about ways to make government better, but few want to run for public office and make it happen.

And in this great country and community we have also learned that the best and brightest don’t always run for office. That’s where the citizens of Houston, Okolona, Houlka and Woodland need to do their part and make sure the best man – or woman – gets elected.

That means we need to start asking our future city leaders where they stand on issues.

What will they accomplish if we give them our vote?

How will they help create jobs?

Will they fix our streets?

How will they help our schools?

Will they work with our county officials?

How are they going to fight crime?

Will they make our neighbors clean up their yard?

How will they enforce city ordinances and regulations?

Will they make businesses tidy up their storefront?

What are they going to do to improve our parks?

And just how do they expect to pay for all this?

If a candidate can’t give you a good answer to these questions, don’t give them your vote.

The campaigns for city offices has begun. And the most important question to be answered this spring is who deserves your vote.


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