HUES PTO makes smart donation

LOGO HOUSTON School RAMHOUSTON – The Parent Teacher Organization at Houston Upper Elementary School made a significant donation to the school recently. The PTO donated $7,000 to help place Smartboards in each classroom to assist teachers and students.

PTO President Edie Myatt said the group was happy to assist in the project.

“We used Great American fundraising,” Myatt said. “It is a booklet with gifts and magazines, things of that nature. We gave them two weeks to order.”

Myatt said the fundraiser offered teacher and classroom incentives and the response was extremely positive.

“We had great parent participation, teacher participation, staff and everybody,” Myatt said.

The event raised about $8,200, of which $7,000 was donated to help purchase the Smartboards. Special Education teacher Kim Sellers said they were a welcome addition to the classroom.

“They are very interactive,” Sellers said. “Students enjoy using them because it really doesn’t seem lke work. It appears to be more ‘fun learning,'”

Sellers said the added technology is a bonus for educators.

“Classrooms need to keep up and this is just one way, thank to the parents and members of our PTO,” Sellers said. “There are a lot of free resources that teachers can access to use with the board to enhance student learning and the staff has received multiple training session on how to use them.”

Myatt, on behalf of PTO officers, Barbara Buggs, Patricia Ellison and Tammy Mixon, offered appreciation to all who were involved with the fundraiser.

“The PTO thanks all our parents and teachers for helping to raise this money,” Myatt said.

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