FLOYD INGRAM: A quick look around town

FRO6__MUG_Floyd_Ingram_0031The news came fast and quick around here this past week.

A wreck involving three young men, the naming of a school superintendent in Okolona, the opening of Circuit Court Monday and a fire at a friends house that same day. Couple that with a long list of fun things to do at the Ingram household this past weekend and I am hoping for a little rest and relaxation over the next few days.

But it doesn’t look like that is meant to be. We are putting together our annual Come Home to Chickasaw County magazine that comes out next month. The interviews and photos you will read about in April are being taken in March.

It’s a lot of fun but it’ also a lot of hard work.

The Houston Community Theater puts on “The Sound of Music” on Saturday. Having watched HCT productions for the past couple of years this should be a quality performance.

So with all that on our plate for next week, let’s take a quick look around town.


Covering news in smaller towns has its benefits, but it can also squeeze your heart. The fire alarm went off Monday afternoon and I soon realized it was at the home of a friend.

When I arrived on the scene, my worst fears were realized as I held Mrs. Libba Criddle’s arm as she watched her house burn. In every community I have ever lived in some older couple has taken a shine to Floyd, Sara and the Ingram Boys. In Houston it has been the Criddles.

Joe and Mrs. Libba have had a rough winter with health concerns. Monday’s fire was another unfair blow.

But as I watched Houston turn out to fight the fire, I also saw neighbors turn out to console the Criddles. Fires steal so much. This one was no different.

I have only lived here three short years, but as I watched this community wrap their arms around the Criddles, I was truly proud to call Houston home.



They named Dr. Jerry Woods as the new superintendent of Okolona School District Sunday. You can read about Mr. Woods accomplishments and plans for Okolona schools elsewhere in this paper.

We hope every municipality and school district in this county realizes how we are all closely linked together. Things that happen in Houston affect Woodland, Houlka and Okolona and things that happen in Okolona affect those living in Houlka, Woodland and Houston.

When business and industry look to bring factories and jobs to this area they look at Chickasaw County numbers. The successes and failures of every town in this county have an influence on us all.

Dr. Woods has his work cut out for him and he needs our help. We hope all of Chickasaw County will step up to help him better Okolona schools.



The Chickasaw Journal has invested a little paper and ink to cover court in Chickasaw County over the past six months.

We are covering Circuit Court in both Okolona and Houston on a regular basis. We have also checked into actions in our Justice Courts over the past few weeks.

It’s not easy for a newspaper the size of your Chickasaw Journal to cover court. The wheels of justice move slow and newspapers with smaller staffs have to spend a lot of time sitting in court, checking with court officials and getting clerks to let us read the files and forms of court.

People like to point to our system of self government and public politics as the quality that makes America great. A big part of that is a justice system that is also managed and monitored by a well-informed public.


Weekend Weather

Spring arrived last weekend. It was great to be out in it.

Yes, we will probably still get a frost or two, but I feel the really cold stuff is over.

The redbuds are blooming and that means the bream are biting. Easter is just around the corner and that means it is about time to plant tomatoes. They are playing baseball at Houston High School and spring football practice started this week.

This is a season of excitement and all things new again. Let’s see how much of all this we can get in the newspaper.


Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor/News for the Chickasaw Journal. He can be contacted at 456-3771 or by email at floyd.ingram@journalinc.com.

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