Easter is always about Good News

MUG Floyd Ingram LITTLEThe boys have gotten a little too old and too cool for the full-blown Easter thing at my house.

But don’t worry we will still have Peeps, jelly beans and a ham.

We will all get up on Sunday morning and go to church. Then it is off to my mother’s house for lunch and I may hunt for an Easter egg in the refrigerator.

That schedule has been an Easter tradition at my house for as long as I have been on this earth.

Ingram’s don’t make Easter anything that it is not.

Easter is about a risen Savior. Easter is about a Church that is anxiously awaiting the return of the Bridegroom. Easter is about a hope and joy that can only be known through Jesus Christ.


Middle East


In the Bible Belt we often forget that our Easter is linked to Passover.

Passover is a Jewish observance that was a dim glimpse of how a perfect God planned to establish a relationship with an imperfect world.

Jerusalem and the Holy Land have always been the center of the universe and that is no different today.

As I look at headlines of the past few weeks, I notice that things have been strangely quiet in Israel as the rest of the Arab world convulses with riots, revolutions and change.

Whether you believe it or not, events in the Middle East always have a direct impact on events in Houston, Mississippi.

I remember when the first Gulf War erupted and people said the End Times were here. Then it was 9-11, Hurricane Katrina and the stock market crash. Disease, famine, strange weather and a new world order are all indicators of the last days.

As a Christian and newspaperman I try not to get wrapped up in predicting the day and time. Yes, it’s interesting to hear preachers and teachers reveal their ideas of the last days. And, yes, it will be a big news day when it all comes to a glorious end.

But I’ve always felt the bigger story is to be prepared.

And being ready is what Easter is all about.


Good News


If you want to know what a Christian will look like when they are dead, look at them on Easter Sunday.

The clothes we wear on Easter are probably the threads we will be dressed in when it comes time for family and the preacher to tell us good bye.

While you may have grinned at that last statement, I hope you see the seriousness underneath.

I believe in eternity; do you? If you do that means you will spend it one of two places and that choice is probably the most serious decision you will ever make.

I don’t believe there will be an Easter Bunny in either place. I also don’t think we will be worried about the latest Spring fashions. And if you make the wrong choice, what’s on the menu for Sunday dinner will not be your top concern.

I hope those who read this on Wednesday will go ahead and buy an Easter basket for their children, grandchildren or the kids next door. Have fun and make the children smile.

But I also hope as adults you will realize those youngsters are growing up and need to hear the real story of Easter. There are adults around here to need to be told that story, too.

As a newspaperman it is my responsibility to spread the news. As a Christian it is everyone’s responsibility to spread the Good News.

So gather up the kids and sit with Momma in church Sunday. It’s Easter and every church in Chickasaw County will be ready for it and for you. It’s only an hour and you might just receive an Easter gift that lasts an eternity.

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