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Dear Editor,

The long dreaded automatic spending cuts of the sequester have now taken effect. Yet the sky did not fall despite the ominous warnings of Chicken Little and company.

In realty these very modest reductions in government spending are all our elected officials have done to actually address the very real problem of out of control and senseless government spending. Responsible citizens now have an opportunity redefine the ongoing debate regarding the twin issues of the budget deficit and our astounding national debt.

While the fact that the dire warnings from the left regarding the sequester were intentional misrepresentations intended to alarm people is still clear in our national consciousness, responsible citizens have a moral obligation to demand an end to the reporting of misinformation regarding the nature of government spending programs disseminated by liberal groups as factual.

Specifically, we are responsible tax paying citizens should not allow the left to distort the issue of what they wish to group together as so called entitlement programs.

A person who has worked all their life and paid social security taxes is entitled to social security benefits. Veterans who served our country are entitled to military benefits when they return home. However, liberals insult there people by grouping them with those person who have made a career our of social welfare programs.

A person who is drawing their social security benefits after a lifetime of productive work should be insulted by being classed with those who habitually refuse to help themselves and are continually supported by those Americans who actually get up and go to work.

The first successful colony in America was Jamestown, which prospered only after implementing a policy of “He who does not work does not eat.” From that seed grew the most prosperous nation on earth.

Today responsible citizens have a moral duty as stewards of that great nation to demand that our government act responsibly to address our current economic problems by reducing spending and ceasing to reward those members of our society simply refusing to pull their own weight.

This is only the opinion of one Christian American citizen and will mean nothing unless my fellow citizens join me in demanding that our government act with true fiscal responsibility when spending our money. When those persons who are more interested in misrepresenting that true facts of this debate we must also stand together and call them out for the cheats and charlatans they are.


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