Sanderson to retire June 30

CJ-0410-HBOA-Sander-1CHOUSTON – City Clerk Bobby Sanderson formally announced last week to the Houston Board of Mayor and Aldermen that he will retire as of June 30.

Sanderson has informally said for some time he plans to retire and made the decision public to give the city time to hire a new City Clerk and smooth that person’s transition into the post.

“It has been a pleasure to work with you in the service of our city for these nearly ten years,” said Sanderson. “But now it’s time for me to hang up my adding machine.”

Sanderson urged the board to advertise for the post immediately and fill the post promptly.

“Lest the next municipal clerk come into the prolonged vacuum that occurred before I started,” said Sanderson. “I recommend that you advertise immediately in the April 10 and April 17 editions of the paper and accept applications through April 26.”

Sanderson said he would be glad to work with the mayor or any committee charged with picking the new clerk.

Sanderson laid out a timeline that would see the city pick the top five candidates for interviews, schedule a work session with the mayor and aldermen for early May and the hiring of a new clerk by the middle of May. Sanderson also informed the board he had vacation time that would need to be taken prior to June 30.

Sanderson suggested the board hire the new clerk as a deputy clerk for the interim period and then appoint that person as city clerk with other city officers at the scheduled July 2 board meeting.

“Again, I thank you for each courtesy you have shown me and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity I’ve had to contribute to life in my favorite city in the whole world,” said Sanderson.

The motion to accept Sanderson’s letter was made by Ward 1 Alderman Tony Uhiren and seconded by Ward 2 Alderman Shenia K. Jones. The vote was unanimous.

“I have only been here a few years but I appreciate what you do and what you have done,” said Uhiren. “You will be missed.”

The clerk’s post is charged with administering the day-to-day operations of the city under the direction of the Houston Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The clerk is responsible for developing a budget and monitoring revenue and disbursing checks for the city. The clerk is listed as the city’s agent of record on various grants, work projects and programs involving state and federal funds. The clerk also acts as the city’s personnel director and formally records all city board actions through board minutes.


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