Ag Safety Day!

Extension Agent Randall Nevin explains ATV safety to fifth graders from Houlka at Friday's Ag Safety Day at the Chickasaw County Coliseum. (By Floyd Ingram)

Extension Agent Randall Nevin explains ATV safety to fifth graders from Houlka at Friday’s Ag Safety Day at the Chickasaw County Coliseum.
(By Floyd Ingram)

HOUSTON – Farming is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country and 80 percent of all accidents occur in the home.

With those two facts in mind, the Chickasaw County Extension Service hosted the 11th Annual Ag Safety Day last week at the Chickasaw County Coliseum with fifth graders from all county schools attending.

“We want to teach kids how to avoid accidents by bringing in people and organizations who have been formally trained in these safety areas,” said Angie Abrams, 4-H Coordinator with the Chickasaw County Extension Service. “If we can keep one kid from seriously hurting themselves or stopping someone else from having an accident, we feel this program is a success.”

Abrams said the program targets fifth graders and more than 275 students from Houlka, Houston, Okolona public schools and the Egypt Mennonite school attended Friday’s event.

“The kids soak this up and every station deals with a different safety issue,” said Abrams. “Our volunteers always work hard to make each safety station interesting and teach the kids something that can save their life.”

Safety stations at this year Ag Safety Day and a brief description were:

  • Animal Safety – How to act and respond to animals on the farm, around the neighborhood and in the wild.
  • Disability Awareness – How to help those with disabilities and how to make homes and schools safe for those with disabilities.
  • Choking – Students were taught the Heimleich Maneuver that dislodges food caught in an eaters throat.
  • Electricity – Kids were shown the effects of electricity on the body and how to avoid being shocked around power lines or around the home.
  • Tobacco – Youngsters were told of the medical problems associated with using tobacco and given literature explaining the harm it can do.
  • Healthy Lifestyles – Students were shown the benefits of eating right, exercise and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sun Protections – Kids were told the dangers of over exposure to the Sun and how to take steps to prevent sunburn and skin damage by the Sun.
  • First Aid – This station taught basic first aid for the “Four B” – Breathing, Bleeding, Burns and Broken Bones.
  • ATV Safety – Students were told the regulations of riding an All-Terrain-Vehicle and how to avoid situations that could hurt them.
  • Fire – Youngsters were taught basic fire safety around the home and farm and told what to do in the event of a fire.

“I want to thank the roughly 75 volunteers who came out here to help us with Ag Safety Day and the Coliseum Executive Committee for letting us use the building,” said Abrams. “These people do it year after year and there is no doubt in my mind that they are helping stop accidents in our community.”


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