Magazine in this week’s Chickasaw Journal

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It may be the finest product the Chickasaw Journal publishes, it certainly is the most polished.

“Come Home to Chickasaw County,” a magazine produced by your hometown newspaper, can be found inside this week’s edition of the Chickasaw Journal.

The cover shows a few of those things we cherish so much in this community – spring, a rural lifestyle and an appreciation for nature’s beauty. The magazine itself features complete information on our county, stories on our community and advertisements from the prominent businesses, industries, organizations and individuals in our separate towns.

This product is perfect for the office of your business and highlights some of the major accomplishments of Chickasaw County residents, our art and festivals and the towns where we live and raise families.

The magazine is printed on high-quality coated paper and will fit on any coffee-table in any home and is the ideal way to tell visitors how proud you are of Chickasaw County.

So flip through your hometown magazine, carry it with you this summer to show relatives what we have in Chickasaw County and hand it to business clients who call on your company.

If you want additional copies, please stop by our office at 225 East Madison Street during regular business hours.

We at the Chickasaw Journal are proud of this magazine and hope it tells others how proud we all are of this place we call home.

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