No arrest in Bevill homicide

news-crime-arrest-stockHOUSTON – Police and Sheriff’s department investigators continue to interview suspects and gather evidence in the death of Ray Bevill.

Preliminary autopsy reports and other evidence has been returned to local law enforcement concerning the death of Ray “Shorty” Bevill, 75, at his home east of town and while authorities have spent more than 10 days tracking down leads and conducting interviews, no arrest had been made as of Tuesday morning.

The state crime lab finished their initial investigation last week and their report said Bevill died from multiple stab wounds and he suffered defensive type wounds to his hands.

“We have been investigating this as a homicide since the beginning and the coroner’s report and information from the crime lab have confirmed that,” said Houston Police Chief Billy Voyles. “He was last seen in Walmart parking lot about 8:40 p.m. Saturday and the crime occurred sometime after that.”

Chickasaw County Coroner Andy Harmon said the autopsy report put Bevill’s death as either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning April 13-14.

“We have not made an arrest at this time and we are actively investigating this,” said Voyles. “We are still asking people who may have any information about this case or Mr. Bevill’s activities over the last couple of weeks to contact us.”

Voyles said city police and county investigators have been busy checking out leads and interviewing suspects since Bevill was found dead in his home at 206 Aberdeen Road on April 15.

Authorities were called to Bevill’s house after friends and family could not get him to come to the door. When Houston police made entry to the home they realized there had been a struggle and they were dealing with an apparent homicide.

A Mississippi Bureau of Investigation Crime Scene Unit and personnel were sent to process the scene and collected several bags of evidence.

Both Voyles and Harmon said authorities have developed several suspects and are checking numerous leads.

“No one wants to make an arrest more than me in this case,” said Voyles. “We are putting together our case and at this time all I can say is it is under investigation.”

Voyles did say police had been called to Bevill’s home a couple of weeks ago to investigate the theft of prescription medicine. Voyles added it is not known if the two incidents are connected.

Voyles said the crime was probably committed by someone who knew Bevill. He did not elaborate.

Both Voyles and Harmon said they think this homicide is an isolated incident, but they did urge residents to exercise caution and always lock doors and windows.

Authorities have not speculated on a motive or said if a weapon used in the crime has been recovered.

“Anytime you have the possibility of capital murder charges, you have to build a strong case,” said Voyles. “We have been very busy with this case. We have leads and suspects and are checking and double checking everything. We are just asking the community to be patient.”

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