HHS class receives materials grant

HOChickasaw-Education_apple_booksUSTON – Students at Houston High School gained some extra instructional materials thanks to a grant from Discover Card.

Patricia Ellison applied for the grant in January but didn’t hear anything and assumed it went elsewhere. She was informed recently that the school did receive the funding of over $14,000 for materials to include books, dvds, workbooks, computers and tablets.
“When I heard the news, I was ecstatic because I had never received anything that big,” Ellison said. “I was also very relieved because I had given up o nit and with our economy being down every little bit of money helps.”
Ellison teaches Business Fundamentals and Management at Houston High School where she spends one semester on Economics and another semester on Personal Finance to prepare students to enter the real world after raduation.
Discover Card partnered with finance classes offering the grants to provide extra curriculum materials.

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