EDITORIAL: Good stewardship has many levels


The municipal primary elections have concluded.
For residents of Houston, a General Election will be held to determine two alderman positions. In Okolona, a run-off is necessary to fill a seat on the city council.
However, for most of the candidates qualified for local elections, the race is over.
The ballots have been counted, winners announced and the dance has come to an end.
Like following most events, some cleanup will be necessary to set the stage for everyday life.
Most people who qualify for election do so because they believe they can affect a change or assist in governing their communities.
We believe for good government and positive change to occur, our representatives must first be good stewards.
Stewardship, as defined by Miriam-Webster Dictonary is clear and straight forward:

* the conducting, supervising, or managing of something; especially: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care

Our candidates must be good stewards of our environment and resources. Put more plainly, please remove your political signs from the local landscape once your political race is finished. Every candidate who found time to place signs around our towns and communities must now find time to remove them from our public areas.
Our former candidates must continue to be good stewards in the realm of civic involvement and progress for the good all members of the community. Even in the event that they did not secure an office, as candidates who qualified to run for the purpose of representing their communities, they are expected now to continue to work as a valuable member of society.
It is the responsibility of every citizen to assume accountability for himself, his words and actions and, hopefully, pursue a positive path to community harmony.
Hurt feelings can lead to harmful words and actions, but neither has a place in growing or progressing our towns or communities.
It is the duty of our citizens, especially those who feel qualified to be leaders, to work together in every instance for a common goal.
Careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care” is vital for our future.


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