JEAN DENDY: Thanks for the effort

Jean Dendy

Jean Dendy

by Jean Dendy

Special to the Chickasaw Journal


I would like to extend a big “thank you” to everyone who helped make this year’s Relay for Life such a great success. The committee, team captains and team members all did an exceptional job this year.
Carol Koutroulis and those who assisted her again provided a delicious meal for survivors and Linda Dendy, along with the Woodland ladies, handled the survivor’s registration.
Ladies, we appreciate all of you.
Due to weather conditions, we had to secure an inside location and were blessed to be able to use our Chickasaw County Coliseum. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Angie Abrams, Ricky Burgess, the Agri-Center committee, Chickasaw County and the City of Houston for their willingness to help us get the coliseum ready under such short notice.
Everyone involved with this year’s Relay, including our survivors and our many visitors during Friday night’s activities, appreciate all your help.
With such great participation from all our citizens, we raised around $38,500 for the American Cancer Society. This surpassed our $30,000 goal and we are grateful for each one who contributed in any way to help us the fight against cancer.
We are indeed blessed to live in a community where people are so willing to pitch in and help with the hopes of making life better for all cancer survivors and hopefully, one day, finding the cure for cancer.

Jean Dendy is 2013 Chairperson for Chickasaw County Relay for Life.

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