Rails to Trails concerns


Dear Editor,

If you are pleased with the Rails to Trails waste of taxpayers’ money, you are one of the few. That money could have been spent on the roads for the benefit of the working people so they could get to work safely and not have to spend all their money on maintenance of their vehicles that are damaged by terrible road conditions.

That money could also have been spend for upkeep and repair of the railroad tracks instead of taking them up so that trains could continue to be used. According to the report, “Maintaining a Track Record of Success: Expanding Rail Infrastructure to Accommodate Growth in Agriculture and Other Sectors,” trains used two-thirds less fuel than do trucks to transport agricultural and other products. Those lower transportation costs would have benefited many businesses.

By the way, if the railways were to be dismantled, the original property owners were supposed to get their land back. As you well know, Rails to Trails is almost completed, in spite of the wishes of the citizens who were against it. There is not a lot that can be done at this point to change the way that this money was spent.

I feel that there should be well-publicized meetings for any future expenditures and/or proposed use of land(s) in Pontotoc County; meetings where the voices of the people are heard. Furthermore, there should no longer be any agreements made about use of land in Pontotoc County without a vote of the people being taken and the vote outcome to be the final deciding factor. The voices and wishes of the people need to be heard an abided by.



J.C. Higgins

Pontotoc, Miss.

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