FLOYD INGRAM: Let’s enjoy our traditions



I turned the corner Friday morning on the way to work and spotted the Flags on the Courthouse Square.

Just a moment watching dozens of grand ole red-white-and-blue slowly move in the morning breeze made my day.

I hope there were others who drove by and were also filled with pride and appreciation for things bigger and more important than work and the simple little rat race I run in Houston.

I was also fortunate to attend Memorial Day services Monday evening.

I was an older crowd, but it was neat to see youngsters show up and wave a flag.

Those are memories that will last those kids a lifetime. Those are traditions that will last a long time in Houston.


– – –


The polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday and not long after the sun goes down on this great city that day, we will have picked our next Houston Board of Aldermen.

A lot is riding on this election. A lot rides on every election.

A story that ran in special edition last fall quoted an economic developer as saying one of the thing average folks can do to bring industry to town is to vote.

He didn’t clarify his quote, but we are going to venture to say that he meant good leaders have a way of making good things happen. Communities that give direction in the type of town they want – residents who will show up to vote and make things happen – are the kinds of communities industries want to locate in.

Houston has a strong tradition of showing up at the polls and speaking their mind.

Some say the winds of change need to sweep through City Hall. Others feel the wind has the boat we call Houston headed the right way

Please vote on Tuesday and help the breeze blow the right direction in Houston.


– – –


Every community and county has its own traditions, events and places that set it apart from the rest of the world.

Those of you who have grown up here may not realize how unique Houston is and some of the traditions that make it so different from other places on Earth.

They are things like red, sandy soil on rolling hills, The Courthouse Square, the intersection of North Jackson/Pontotoc/Malcomb/First Street, Saxon’s, the Natchez Trace and WCPC Radio to name a few.

Most of these things were here before most of us got here and will be here after most of us are gone.

Each and every one of them brings something special to this community.

As a newspaperman I have always looked around and tried to find those things that people do best. They make great news stories.

The same holds true for towns.

In Houston it is Homecoming on the weekend prior to the Fourth of July, the Sundancer Solar Car, Flywheel Festival, Lady Hilltopper Softball and church events far and wide.

And people say nothing ever happens in this sleepy little town!

Houston has a tradition of doing a lot of things right.


– – –


I’ve heard people say the more things changes, the more they stay the same.

As a newspaperman I have always pointed out that change is news and news is how I make my living.

But being a Son-of-the-South I also appreciate the constant traditions that make us feel safe and secure.

As change slowly frays the fabric of family, community and our culture, I am glad for those traditions that bind us tight.


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