Sundancer prepares for road race, seeks community support


HOUSTON – The Houston Solar Race team is once again preparing for national competition and residents and visitors to Houston will soon see the 12-time champion car around town and the area.
The team is competing in the Winston Solar Challenge which this year will run from Texas to Los Angeles and have been busy raising funds for the trip. They are planning to have their solar car visible at the upcoming Houston Homecoming celebration and are seeking sponsors to help finish out the last of the funding for the race.
“We are totally registered for the race,” said sponsor Keith Reese. “We are taking nine students this year. They all have extremely good attitudes and are brillant and have a lot of common sense.”
The team members have held various fund raisers throughout the year, including a sale of Boston butts, and currently are raffling tickets for a wooden yard swing.
Members of the Sundancer steering committee have also been soliciting sponsors and are very close to the budget goal, but are asking residents and supporters to help fill the gap.
In addition to the solar car, the team will take two vans and a lead car that have already been secured from local businesses. Students raised funds to pay for their own airfare home from California and are working to help support the trip.
Steering committee member, Tom Byrne, said making a donation to the team and their quest for a 13th national title speaks volumes for Houston and the local area.
“They are taking it on the road and advertising Houston and Mississippi,” Byrne said.
Donations to the Sundancer team are tax-deductible and may be made through CDF Charities by contacting Joyce East at 456-2321.

2013 Houston Solar Race Team:
– Trey Franklin
– Daniel Worthey
– Jacob Bridgman
– Zack Mixon
– Kristen Black
– Kristen Marsh
– Charlsi Allen
– Allison Taylor
– Andi Houser


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