Houlka School hosts Olympic day for students

Garren Earp rolls the ball toward a set of two-liter bottles in the bowling game. (Photo by Lisa Voyles)

Garren Earp rolls the ball toward a set of two-liter bottles in the bowling game.
(Photo by Lisa Voyles)

HOULKA – Students at Houlka Attendance Center ran, jumped and played all in the name of good health and good fun May 20 as the staff hosted Olympic Day again this year.
The annual field day in May has been revamped to include more than just games and helps children become more active on the way to good heatlh.
School nurse, Chandra Warren, said the games incorporate more physical activity and education, but still provide students with an end-of-year stress reliever and reward going into summer break.
“The School Health Council puts it on every year and it has more physical education but we try to work in some fun for them,” Warren said.
Warren pointed to the sno-cone run and said when she first laid out the path, it was just a running track, so she added in a balance beam to cross while carrying a big, plastic sno-cone.
“We tried to make it more challenging and tie in with the Olympic theme,” Warren said.
The day started with a fun run and walk and children moved through stations for a bean bag toss, basketball shoot, bowling game and more.
Warren said in addition to physical health, exercise can lead to better learning because it relieves some of the mental stress of daily classes.
“Just think about it, when you sit there for a long time, how tired you get,” Warren said.
She added that the pre-kindergarten class began a new program this year and she hopes to spread it through the school. The Move to Learn program incorporates physical activity and exercise in the classroom to foster better learning.
“They do it in class,” Warren said. “It includes exercises, singing and dancing and incorporates learning with it. They can do it standing right beside their chairs. It gets the blood going and energizes them so they can learn better.”

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