Mayor Stacey Parker seeks to move Houston forward


HOUSTON – Getting elected can be the easy part, it’s being an effective leader and administrator that moves a town forward and makes a community better.

Houston Mayor Stacey W. Parker has completed the “Professional Development” level of the Certified Municipal Officials (CMO) program from the Mississippi Municipal League (MML). The MML has been a longtime advocate of training and education for state city leaders.

“The Professional Development level of the CMO program gives our municipal leaders the opportunity to focus on personal growth and improvement in leadership skills,” said MML Executive Director Shari T. Veazey. “Those who have completed all three levels of the CMO program have made a strong commitment for self-improvement and as a result will be more effective municipal leaders.”

The MML Certified Municipal Officials program has three certification levels: Basic CMO, which focuses on the basics of municipal organization, law, finance and land use; Advanced CMO which provides training in community and economic development; and the professional Development CMO level which requires 40 hours of course work and encourages the improvement of skills such as public speaking, writing and interpersonal communications.

Those earning the professional Development level must first complete the Basic and Advanced levels of the program.

Parker is entering his third term as Mayor of Houston. Prior to becoming mayor he served on the City Board as Alderman-At-Large.

Parker recently defeated his Democratic Primary Election opponent 665 to 157.

“We’ve done some things in Houston over the last four years,” said Parker after the primary election May 7. “We did a $1.5 million bond issue that paved 10-plus streets. We leased property at the airport and made $12,000 and a mill of taxes raises $18,000. We’ve done a lot to strengthen our parks and recreation program and paved the walking track at Joe Brigance. We also refinanced some bonds and will save the city $600,000.”

Parker said he hopes to develop a soccer field for Parks and Recreation. He wants to see more streets paved and more hidden infrastructure such as water and sewer pipes upgraded.

“And we need to be creative and make economic opportunities happen,” Parker added. “We are working with existing industry to keep jobs here and we stand ready to bring new jobs to Houston, too.”

Established in 1931, the Mississippi Municipal League is a private association representing 288 municipalities in the state. The mission of the MML is to help cities and towns excel.

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