Welcome Trustee Howell

CHICKASAW_Journal_BANNERHe steps onto the board of the most important industry in our community next week and he will be partially responsible for the fashioning and development of the most important product of this town for years to come.

Thomas Howell will take a seat on the Houston School Board July 8 and will be directly involved in the direction and quality of our schools.

With graduation just a few short weeks behind us, we need to remember that our schools produce a new crop of young adults every year who staff our businesses, man the production lines of local manufacturers and become the future leaders of Houston.

There is probably no other job in this town more critical to the future of this community than school board trustee. They are the governing body of the most important plant and institution in this city.

We don’t have to look far to find where failure by school boards and communities to handle their own business has required the state to step in and improve public education.

Yes, our city struggled to get to the point of putting Mr. Howell on the Houston School Board. That process – both good and bad – is behind us.

Now is the time to thank Mr. Howell for his decision to serve and let him get to work and show us what he can bring to the Houston School Board. It is also an opportunity to contact our other school board trustees and thank them for their work.

While Howell is new to the post and hasn’t done anything yet, we are pleased he showed up for a controversial school board meeting even before he was officially installed. It is obvious he is excited about this opportunity and hope he will remember his passion for this job when times get tough.

We like the fact he comes from a family with a history of service to the community and has children with direct connections to the classroom.

The title Mr. Howell has been handed is Trustee. As the name implies this community bestows a large responsibility on those who hold it.

This paper and this community stand ready to help you Trustee Howell as you go about the momentous job of providing a quality education environment for our children.

Welcome and thank you for your desire to serve.

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