RAY GARRETT: Put armed guards in schools


Dear Editor,
Fortunately for law abiding citizens the shameful and unconscionable efforts to the president and others to exploit the murder of American children for political gain recently failed in the Senate. However, the issue of the safety of American school children remains an issue which our government has a duty to address. Responsible citizens should not and must not allow the political left to now refuse to take the steps necessary to protect our children while they callously wait for another incident which they can again attempt to exploit for their own political motives.
A proposal has been put forth that our government take the steps necessary to place an armed police officer in every school in America. This is a reasonable and rational proposal which could only make our children safer as individuals who would attack and murder innocent children are by definition cowards and would be deterred by the mere knowledge that an armed police officer was present.
The police officers assigned to schools would not be confronted with an armed assailant every day; therefore, when considering this proposal our citizens should be mindful of the benefits which would be derived from a police presence in all our schools. A police presence would obviously have an impact on the presence of illegal drugs in our schools, the officer’s presence would deter gang violence in schools, the police presence would also deter bullying and other unacceptable behavior among students. Perhaps most importantly, the presence of police officers would allow our children to interact with police officers and to come to understand on a personal level that the police are there to protect and serve them and should be viewed as their friends.
It is estimated that the cost of placing an armed police officer in every school in America would be approximately five billion dollars and that this expenditure would create fifty thousand career level jobs. By comparison, the Obama Administration spent eight hundred billion dollars on an economic stimulus package that apparently did not have any positive impact on the economy. From a common sense point of view there is simply no reason that any elected official, political activist or public figure should oppose this action and all citizens should not only call on our elected officials to support this measure but should also publicly question the true motives of anyone opposing it.
This is just the view of one Christian American citizen and will mean nothing unless my fellow citizens join me in contacting their elected officials to demand that they take this reasonable action for the protection of our nation’s children.
Preston Ray Garrett
Oxford, Miss.

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